I was at the talk you did with Dr. Jen! And while I’m not perimenopausal (I’m 32) I did find it extremely empowering to be there. I feel like for any of us with a history of sexual violence, we can feel so distant from our bodies that it’s easier to dissociate or simply not participate in understanding them. That’s probably got something to do with why docs kept me on hormonal birth control since age 15 and I only JUST learned that because of a certain type of migraine I get, that’s apparently really bad?! Who knew?? Clearly not me. Anyway, trauma’s a real bitch but as someone who’s had the privilege of working to heal it over the last few years, I really did leave your convo feeling less overwhelmed about reclaiming some autonomy in caring for my body/health. It’s like a whole new world. And I have a feeling I’m not alone there. Can’t wait to delve into all these books about blood and vaginas and hormones (oh my), thank you for your service. 🫡

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Dear Miz Bee,

I love everything you do--especially "The Detour", which I can't find as a DVD. I don't trust HULU and the rest of the streaming systems not to re-edit your work to fit their needs. Any idea how I can buy the wonderful series on DVD?

We just finished the whole 325-episode Mary Hartman series on DVD, which was incredible. You might enjoy it.

With my love and respect,

Anthony Pearson

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